OK everyone! My favorite time of year! Not only did the Denver Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers in the final game of the regular season, the previously 1st seed New England Patriots lost to the lowly Miami Dolphins and as a result, we are not 1st seed. That means, of course, that the Denver Broncos will have a bye next week which gives Peyton Manning an extra week to recover. Also, all the Bronco’s games will be at home until they play in the Super Bowl.

This game had the typical feel where we started strong, and our defense was playing decent, but we somehow racked up 5 turnovers. Very rarely do you win a game when you commit 5 turnovers. We weren’t really getting anything done on offense, and the Chargers were hanging around and putting themselves in position to steal the game, so the Broncos Coach, Gary Kubiak, made the decision to put Peyton Manning in the game with just over 8 minutes remaining.

The report was that he had a good week of practice, but wouldn’t be fully healed until the off season. But he did well enough in practice to suit up and play back up to Brock Osweiler to start the game. Although not all of the 5 turnovers were his fault, Coach Kubiak thought that making the change at quarterback would inject some energy into the offense. When Manning took the field, Mile High Stadium exploded! And just like that, Peyton Manning led his team to an 80 yard touchdown drive.

Manning’s arm was strong and sharp, and it seemed like the running backs had bigger holes to run through. The drive was efficient, effective, and most importantly inspiring. The rest probably did Manning’s arm good, and it didn’t seem like he was hindered too much from the injury in his left foot.

Anyway, it was a great win, and hopefully the Broncos faithful now have more hope now that Manning is driving the ship again. Osweiler did a good job in his absence, but the reality is there is no replacing Peyton Manning.

Now that the playoffs are here, I will have a couple of weeks to determine how to bet on the Bronco’s game – once I get my computer back from being repaired by my friends at I hope you enjoy the Playoffs as much as I am going to, and I hope we all win a lot of money!

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